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There are many reasons why cities across the world are rethinking their mobility mix in favour of bicyclists. Less carbon, less noise, less stress, less space and many other advantages outweigh the occasional hassle of a wet pantalon by far. The pandemic is certainly pushing this trend towards safer bicycle infrastructure, more bike sharing platforms, proper training at school and rethinking the locations of essential amenities.

During a first meetup with a select group of experts, startups and city officials from both The Netherlands and Ukraine we'll dive into the opportunities of this trend for startups. The goal of this first session in a series of events on this topic is to explore interesting business cases for early stage and more mature startups in The Netherlands and Ukraine. We have very limited space but don’t hesitate to express your interest and keep updated on future events.

This session is organized together with Synchro Space and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine.